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Have you ever wondered how the term bookworm came about? And that the term is believed to be used since the 1500s!!

As the dictionary goes, a person who spends much time reading or studying or enjoys reading a lot is called a bookworm. While Mr. Bookworm is a major book feeding insect, also known as booklouse or paperlouse.

Our holiday workshops are never complete without book reading or writing sessions. Making bookmarks is a part of the funopolis!! 

We made these lovely Mr & Mrs.Bookworm bookmarks and we like to share a bookworm template with all those who like ours! Click here to download.

One can add details of their own and colour them colourful. We enjoyed making them and hope the same with all of you!

Enjoy creating your very own bookworm bookmark :)

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Here's to keep everybody posted about our 'Creative Summer Camp' during this month of May.
I have been working on compiling a great range of exciting activities for all our groups. Children will explore diverse themes and art media, which help them to focus on the creative process and develop their imagination and creativity.
 In other words, this will give them hands on art making experience, which is active, stimulating and tons of fun! All supplies are included. Children will have to carry snacks and a water bottle.
You may contact us if you have children who'd love to join as we explore, create & learn.


This past week was full of amazing art and craft activities. Especially because it was the spring break and as always we had a lovely list of topics planned for our holiday session. I was really happy to use up our big collection of cereal and cookie boxes this time. Although we had to find more boxes, as more dino lovers joined the gang! This happens all the time!
So here are the 'Prehistoric Dinosaur dioramas or landscape with dinosaurs. The title couldn't be the same for everyone and so we also had to call them Dinosaur land or Dinosaur Park!
All of them turned out GREAT! The children enjoyed every bit of it and that's for sure.

What was interesting was that the children liked the idea of drawing, colouring and cutting out the dinosaurs, the mountains, volcanoes and choosing their own layouts. They needed help with preparing the cereal box and in making the plants and grass.

We also made a few 'Beautiful forests' out of these boxes. We'll post those shortly…


This is from our November activities and I am posting it pretty late, having caught up with Christmas and holiday activities.The topic about 'supermoon' came up in November 2016. We discussed about it and also viewed some nice pictures posted from all over.
Here are a few artworks to show you all!

These artworks were made by 5 year olds. It was more interesting since they could make their own buildings and other add ons.
We can also make various cutouts of buildings, trees, cars, moon etc., to make it much easier for the younger children. Thanks for viewing!


I needed gifts bags for our Christmas sharing day something easy and quick to make. So I came came up with these holiday gift bags which turned out pretty nice and neat and most importantly the fastest ones I could make.

They looked good with handles in other colors too!

Materials required: Card stock, pva glue and craft foam and hot glue for the handles. I used card stock 170 gsm which were just right thickness fine to fold and paste. A few paper cut outs of stars and snowflakes in various sizes plus a Christmas tree name tag.

So here below are the steps to make them. For more queries about the project,you can always write to me.

Hope this helps if you like to try making them.
With warm wishes for the lovely season. Thank you all.


This past week I decided that my students should cut out simple pine trees and make a pine tree forest or a wonderland for the bulletin board. I remember viewing a gorgeous vintage Christmas card of decorated trees long back. Everybody liked the idea and we wanted to make them all colourful and Christmassy. Since most of them wanted to make as many trees as possible they wanted me to help in cutting them. So I cut them in about three sizes and soon we had a big collection of colourful Christmas trees!

After sorting out the ones for the group activity, we decided to make mini forests. We chose blue sheets of paper for the base and added various cutouts of mountains and foliage before pasting the trees plus we also made some transformable ones! Here are some of them to show you.

 To let them decide the position of the sun or the trees, I applied glue to the lower portion of the mountain and the foliage cutouts so it was easy to shift the trees around before pasting them.
Anish was happ…


Today we have added this wonderful pencil pouch to our easy gift making ideas. We haven't been using much of craft foam these days and I've been waiting to post this for almost a year. The pouches are really easy to make and look pretty neat!
It was a GREAT activity to engage my 8 to 10 year olds.
We had so much fun whilst everyone chose their foam sheets and designed their clasps .

We will need: Craft foam sheets - plain or printed, glue gun, sharpies, duct tape and velcro fasteners

The A4 size foam sheet was folded to form this envelope with enough pocket space for pencils.. Once folded it was secured with duct tape to hold the shape. Alternately all four sides of the foam sheet can be lined with tape before folding. Before sticking the velcro fasteners we glued a piece of foam to stop the foam from ripping off easily.

They all turned out so pretty! The clasp ideas were FANTASTIC! The hearts clasp design will look great for V'day gift!

I think these pouches or wallets m…


We made these lovely bracelets for mother's day and we plan to make some for Valentine's day as well.
Only this time we'll add heart charms to double up the love quotient!
In the image above we have bracelets made of pipe cleaners and an orange and white beaded bracelet.
Read on to find out how the beaded bracelets were made....