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Happy Mother's Day!

 Last week our artists were busy planning little gifts, cards and other stuff for Mother's Day. They did not want to reveal their creations until they were through and were glad to find perfect hiding places at home - where mommies generally don't peek into. Tough thing to do, though!!!

Well, we decided to use a rough sample to add a little color to our post!

We all wanted to share that we had great fun creating a lot of stuff that we plan to post later...if possible ( if the mommies would agree to part with them)

So that say's it all - Happy Mother's Day :)


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LAST MINUTE SCHOOL PROJECT : Making a model of the Colosseum using cardboard.

Children often come in with last minute projects to complete. Here is one such example.We printed a few pictures of the Colosseum for guidance.Corrugated cardboard or cardboard box were used for the base and the main building. The cardboard cutout of a carton was easy to roll and secure, so it is better to choose a slightly softer version of cardboard. Paper tape was good to secure the shape and later painted so it doesn't show that much. Being a school project I prefer to use paints the student is more familiar with due to the time constraint so we used poster paints. For the base we covered a rectangular piece of cardboard with a green sheet of crepe paper.

I must say that it turned out impressive for a quick project! The best part was when Manya carried it home with a big smile!


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Enjoy creating them and share with us!