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Summer Workshop 2012 - Exhilarating and creatively refreshing

 Explore. Experiment. Learn new techniques. Create. Enjoy. Have fun. Loving the paint smudges on our faces and hands. Lots of crafts. Lots of painting. Coloring. Sketching. Exchanging ideas. Recycling waste paper. New ideas. New mediums.

It was all of that and much much more. Oh. finally we have reached the end of a very successful, exhilarating and a very creatively refreshing summer workshop this year.

The children expressed their happiness and most of them wanted it to go and on! We complete our summer workshop with a very happy note ....'I wish I could come to the art class everyday' and more questions - ' when are we going to start our classes again?' 'When are YOU coming back from your vacation?' 'I'm going on a vacation too' ' I'll be back with some sketches of the places and things I will see there'

Feels really good to be amidst their cheerfulness and glee! Really a great experience again!

I am so glad that things went off well right from the start. Although it was very exhaustive at times, I must admit that the pleasure and fulfillment of working with children is an out of the world experience. It is simply beautiful and delightful!

So we decided to take a good summer break. Enjoy the summer vacation and be back with lot more things to do!

Have fun :)


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Durga Puja and Dussehra

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Have fun this festive season and enjoy creating!