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Toilet paper roll crafts - Brown bear pencil holder

We can make animals, birds, trees, flowers, pencil holders, bugs, puppets, binoculars, rockets, snakes and many many more. Its always fun to make things!!

Brown bear pencil holder

To make brown bear pencil holder, we need:
  1. Empty cardboard rolls (toilet paper rolls) and a cardboard sheet (use waste cardboard if possible)
  2. Googly eyes or white paper cut out with little black dots for eyes using a marker or small black paper. Cut out another white paper oval for the mouth and a black oval for nose.
  3. Cut out longish semi circles for ears with tiny pink inner bits
  4. Small strip of colored paper  for collar and a crescent shape for the smile
  5. Cut 2 circle bits of crepe paper for the brooch on the collar
  6. Few crumpled bits of crepe paper in any color 
  7. Brown / burnt sienna poster paint for painting the face
  8. Craft glue or pva glue (Fevicol in India)
Make similar style cut outs for other animals like puppy, cat, panda, monkey, tiger, lion etc
Painted surfaces can be painted with a coat of 50/50 pva/water mix for the glossy finish.

Enjoy making stuff!


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