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Micrography Artworks

While discussing micrography or how to create an image entirely out of text, with the fifth and sixth graders, the children of primary classes wanted to take part as well. We came up with an easy lesson for them and distributed simple pencil drawings of their choice. Most of them chose a lotus, sun, peace dove or a dolphin. We decided to use words that describe them or any words of their choice. Here are a few to look at:

Ananya uses words that can describe her dolphin the best!

 Antara, 7year old, decides to use her name instead!

 Devyani can spell the word 'sun' :).

Rohan has done a great job for a seven year old!

Zoya is seven too and her text looks really neat!

Enjoy a creative day!


  1. Hi, I hope you enjoy this lesson as much as we did! Please link back directly to this post if featuring this on your own blog or website, so others can find us here. Thank you :)


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