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Art is Important for Children

The benefits associated with children learning art while they are young has a positive impact in their lives. Art is everywhere. Expert guidance and art programs help the children understand and see the beauty in the daily things we do, observe things from different points of view and explore various perspectives. It certainly reflects in the way they perceive things and their performance as they grow.

Keeping these important points in mind we need to organize teaching them art during their early years, either at home or look for expert guidance. When we look for expert guidance, we need to keep in mind that the person is capable of teaching children and not simply a good artist. 

Since children learn at various stages and paces, the duration and time taken to learn varies from child to child. Therefore it has to be a continuos process.

 Please feel free to send in queries regarding teaching your child. 


  1. Dear Surekha,
    looking for art classes for my friends daughter...age 5.
    do you also teach older kids who are say... around 14 too?

  2. Yes, I do. Age groups 4 to 16 years.
    Thanks for your interest in our art classes.

  3. Thank you! Fantastic stuff!

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