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More from our 'Landscape mania collection'

Such a pleasure to view all these landscape paintings by our children, especially when one can feel their connection with nature!

Happy painting!

In the making - Recycling Tree / Nature Tree

Introducing our gorgeous 'Nature Tree' ! To start with we wanted to call it a 'Magical tree' but settled down with 'Nature' as it seemed better with lots happening on it :) Wonder what it would look like after another week or two? A variety of leaves, flowers, insects, snakes and more critters are making it an amazing activity these days. Everybody is excited to add something of their own. Since there are no restrictions, it is interesting to observe that they enjoy making things on their own and try to improvise on their next idea.  
Everybody is having fun this week.

While we are still smiling at the new critters showing up on our 'Nature tree', do pop in to watch for some new critters, leaves, bloom or another surprise critter showing up on it :)

Enjoy creating with us!

FREE-HAND DRAWING - why it is good for children

Free hand drawing is one of the activities which a parent can incorporate into their child's daily routine for the development of hand-eye coordination, which is itself crucial for the overall physical development of the child and is the basis for other creative activities like painting, craft making, sculpture, and more. In most cases, children take to drawing naturally and enjoy creating on their own. Always nice to keep papers, sketch books and pencils handy for them, even while travelling!

Some toys are designed to assist hand-eye coordination development, like fitting things together(one can use simple unbreakable cups and bowls too), jigsaw puzzles and so on.
In many instances we do come across students who panic because they are unable to complete their drawing related projects or usually end up doing them with much dissatisfaction.

Practice in free hand drawing does make children confident with their drawing projects and school assignment related artworks as they grow up.…

Cut and paste - Butterflies

Activity for pre-schoolers and primary school children. Children below five years may need help in cutting. Watch the children as they create their own versions of this craft. My children enjoyed making these last week and we had an amazing collection of gorgeous butterflies on display!

Waste paper - scribbled or smudgy ones. The ones as shown above can be used straight away!

The gaps can be painted with various colors. Make them as colorful as you like. Fold the paper and cut them into bits of the required size.

Cut out the shapes for wings, head, one longish bit for the body (thorax and abdomen as one piece)
two long thin bits for the antennae.

Stick them all together to make these lovely colorful butterflies. Create more butterflies and share them with us on  facebook  or send us a link to your website.
Enjoy the colorful creations!

Toilet paper roll crafts - Brown bear pencil holder

We can make animals, birds, trees, flowers, pencil holders, bugs, puppets, binoculars, rockets, snakes and many many more. Its always fun to make things!!

Brown bear pencil holder

To make brown bear pencil holder, we need: Empty cardboard rolls (toilet paper rolls) and a cardboard sheet (use waste cardboard if possible)Googly eyes or white paper cut out with little black dots for eyes using a marker or small black paper. Cut out another white paper oval for the mouth and a black oval for nose.Cut out longish semi circles for ears with tiny pink inner bitsSmall strip of colored paper  for collar and a crescent shape for the smileCut 2 circle bits of crepe paper for the brooch on the collarFew crumpled bits of crepe paper in any color Brown / burnt sienna poster paint for painting the faceCraft glue or pva glue (Fevicol in India) Make similar style cut outs for other animals like puppy, cat, panda, monkey, tiger, lion etc Painted surfaces can be painted with a coat of 50/50 pva/water mix…

Recycled or green crafts for children : Re - use stuff at home

Almost all the children enjoy craft making and look forward to creating on their own. The urge to cut and paste and create something is so common among them, that children look for materials to create them during their leisure time at home. As many of us, parents, must have noticed, they either look for material at home or get after their family members to help find or buy them! It is always a good idea to collect and reuse certain materials at home. Try collecting common items like colored paper scarps, ribbons, sequins, toilet paper rolls, foil rolls, buttons, beads, bits of colorful cloth etc. and keep them for summer or holiday art sessions at home. If collected in excess try sharing them or invite your child's friends over for a fun craft cum play session. Of course not to forget to add a few yummy snacks and goodies!!

On this blog, I'll try to list some of the crafts we create and re- create (because we love them :)), from time to time. Posting craft lessons is a meticu…