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Children have been exploring 'Madhubani' painting and drawing techniques during the September and October sessions and have come up with some excellent artworks. Here are a few of them and more in the making....

Enjoy creating them and share with us!

Recycling tree activity - Nature tree

Lots has been added and the tree looks happy with so much happening on it! Sharing a few steps that might help in creating one for a classroom or home school activity.

I got this huge cardboard box when I purchased a bookshelf and was struck by this idea since then!!!

It is simple to cut out the shape after drawing the tree trunk and the branches. Take care while cutting the narrow portions or use sticky tape to bind the accidentally cut portions and secure them in place.

Since I wanted it in the corner of the room I let the bottom portion remain folded to support the whole thing.

Stick the tips of the branches with a double sided tape to keep them in place.

It was funny to find the spiders move from the soft board on to the tree so quickly!!!

:)) And now we do not want to part with it!!!! This is how it looks today! Gorgeous isn't it!

Enjoy creating!

Look at our gorgeous autumn trees!!

We all loved these amazing autumn paintings by children age groups 5 to 7 years. This was the topic we had started earlier called 'Autumn tree'. We all had an excellent discussion on this topic and enjoyed working on it together!

Happy autumn :)

Foam cutouts printing

Found a good use for the sheet of upholstery foam that got leftover and could simply be forgotten if kept away for later use. The sheet was about an inch thick.  I wanted to also share the cutouts with the children so they could try it out at home.

Firstly I cut it out into as many easy shapes possible.

We used poster paints of various colors and did the print print print!!!


Here is an easy autumn painting project.
We used our old frayed paint brushes for creating textures.

We will need:
A cartridge sheet or any good drawing sheet A4 or A3 size.
Poster or gouache paints - red, orange, deep yellow, green and brown.
Medium size brushes and a few old brushes.

Draw an easy tree trunk and branches like the one below or similar.
Paint the tree trunk, branches and the ground.
Once the trunk dries up, the frayed brushes can be used to make leaves. Start dabbing in the colours starting with green or any colour. Experiment with different colour combinations. Try making different tree shapes.
These paintings turn out lovely always! Try yours too!

Enjoying our 'Recycling Tree'

It is really turning out to be such a marvelous idea! Everybody's so happy to have it in the classroom! Need to dig up more ideas by the time we are done with this one!

Here we have another picture to share our fun with all our viewers, which is in continuation to our previous post!

ENJOY a creative day!