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Arjunn is a fourth grader and loves making stuff out of cardboard boxes. We all love the transformer he has made using empty toothpaste cartons.

 We followed the 'cardboard car'  making method and turned the cardboard box inside out.


What can we do with our favorite pencils when they start getting shorter and we do not want to chuck them into the bin as yet? How to extend a pencil then?


Dot painting was one of the favorite topics during our last holiday workshop. The children were asked to list animals they can represent in their painting. After trying out a few basic ideas, we decided to do 'fish and bubbles' for our 90 min group session with my second and third graders. Well, it did extend into another one hour session for some of us!

The children had a great time planning and trying out layouts, tools and paints for this project! My fish cutout worked really well with the layout.

Here is how we made our 'Fish in Dots' painting, as shown below:


Lines and shapes do make gorgeous patterns!! Especially when combined with an array of great colors!

The children were given the leaf pattern and a vibrant set of poster paints. They chose to paint them mostly colourful. Once that dried up, they tried making various patterns on the leaves using contrasting colours.
 I loved the patterns and the beautiful colours. So vibrant and stunning! They all looked gorgeous!! Here is a leaf pattern to download, for those who like our pattern :) I also think that we could try using the same technique on a large flower drawing as well and yes, another a nice painting project for 5 to 8 year olds.
You may download the pattern and try making them in the classroom or at home. Thanks for visiting us and sending in your comments!
Enjoy a creative day!


Our 3rd and 4th graders had an interesting discussion about 'Picasso's first Dove of Peace' and enjoyed creating line drawings of the peace dove. It was a repeat activity and we also did a micrography lesson using the dove to represent peace.
Since we were also learning to make garlands this week, we decide to create a 'Peace dove' garland!
Continue reading for step by step instructions to make our 'Peace dove garland'.

Masking tape art

These geometric designs were a fun way to introduce masking tape to the kinders and it inspired them to create more patterns of their own! It is an easy painting activity using paper(card stock or cartridge), masking tape and tempera or poster paints.

Here are our lovely artworks :)

My children enjoyed painting these and I'm sure they love to do more!
How about trying them at home :)
Happy creating!

Spray painting with autumn colours

Spray painting using toothbrushes is a lovely activity. To start with we collected a few dry leaves and twigs in various shapes and sizes from the yard. Children placed them in their desired patterns on a4 size sheets and chose colours similar to our leaves and twigs collection!

Here are some of the finished works:

After spraying the required amount of paint the twigs and leaves are removed carefully and the artworks were left to dry.

 It is a great idea for birthday cards, invites, tags,bookmarks and more! Makes a wonderful nature inspired activity for grades 1 and 2 and a family fun weekend activity!  

Happy creating and thanks for viewing :)