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Handmade card for New Year

Happy faces, sunny smiles, butterflies and flowers, good wishes and a little gift! What if a card can bring us all that and more...!! The 10 - 12 year old children enjoyed the activity.

We have decided to share the card that we all loved so much!

 Card stock- one for the main card and a small square one for the sun. Card stock scrap for the stems, flowers, butterflies etc.., ruler, glitter pens etc., glue

 Red velvet paper and butter paper for the cap.

Stock paper for bookmarks
Cutout the circle for the sun leaving the right side of folded yellow card intact. Children could use the punched round bits for eyes. Once the face is ready with cap in place, make a slit on the card just enough for the face to slip through and stick the inside part neatly to make a pouch/ holder for the bookmarks.

Take care while applying the glue to the edges of the inner part of the yellow card.

Start sticking the stems and flowers and other stuff. The stem can easily cover the paper cut that shows.

The smi…

Christmas crafts - Angel tree ornament

We made this pretty angel craft using  left over paper, butter paper ( paper and butter paper from old sketch books) , washable paints, glue, bits of gift wrapping paper for the booklet and a few embellishments.

We cut out various painted portions of the papers to make the hands and cylinders for the body. The head required drawing and colouring before cutting it out. We also tried sticking a few strands of brown or black wool or embroidery thread bits for hair.
The butter paper looked good for the wings, especially after we added those little embellishments!

They looked lovely on our Christmas tree!


We were planning to do a Pop - up Christmas tree card and everybody was so excited! It is easy for 8 to 10 year old children but we helped our little ones to make them too! They would require help in cutting and placing the card and the rest was a lot of fun -adding the glittery stuff et al.

This lovely Christmas pop up card idea came up from a card I came across- Please view 'Pop -Up card Christmas present' at

So this is how we made ours.

We used 3d liners in gold and silver for the text 'Merry Christmas' and to make those tiny dots and stars!
Enjoy making these cards and have fun :) Happy Holidays!


How easy and simple it is to paste a paper star on a piece of card stock to make a tree ornament!  So I decided to start making them with the whole group. While the older children could learn to cut out 3D stars, the little ones can try to paste and decorate or probably will need help in pasting as well. I got them some colourful card stock, ribbons, markers and paints. I was sure that somebody would like to use golden or silver paints and I had them too. Not to forget my good collection of scissors. Everything went on well. After much fun with the cutting we had a good number of awesome stars and some terrible ones too.
So that was a whole pack of card stock because each of them made about 6 or 8 of them not counting the ruined ones. Now how can we make good ones without the trials and a whole lot of paper bits to clean up. They looked awesome on our tree and here we could show you a few of them.

Christmas crafts - Snowflakes

Happy creating!

Christmas crafts - Poinsettia

Christmas time and the children are busy making Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, Santa Claus, angels and not to forget the reindeer!!!! Oh, what about snowflakes?!! Festivals are always celebrated with equal fervour and zeal at our art class, all by the children :) .... ahem.. with a little help of course!

We had made a lot of Christmas ornaments for our Christmas tree and children found them handy to help at school as well!

The fourth and fifth graders could make these gorgeous poinsettias and the others joined in.
Here is how we made the poinsettia decorations:

Enjoy making them!