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Painting projects - Clown

One of the painting projects for kindergarten children last week was to draw and paint characters of their choice. Here is one of the chosen characters. We first drew the picture using a pencil. which is always a good step to follow.
We have used different colors to highlight the drawing steps in the picture below. For example we drew the head and the cap first, then the shirt and hands and lastly the pajamas and the skates.

Simran, 5 year old, wanted to draw the clown wearing roller skates. She LOVES bright colors and enjoyed drawing and painting the picture!! :)

Wall mountable display shelf

Using the cardboard corners and cardboard rolls Raunak -10 year old, has designed this unique wall mountable shelf. View our earlier posting on the same topic -Revolving chair

He could paint or use paper mache to enhance it further!

We tried hanging it up on the wall and it works :). Truly a wonderful idea, Raunak! Bravo!

DRAWING AND COLOURING - Color Pencil Shading

Drawing is one the most important activity that I do with my students throughout the year. As we all know, drawing provides the basis for many other creative activities. I often hear a request for drawing whatever they feel like, even if it is for about fifteen to twenty minutes, the children are engrossed in putting their thoughts on paper!!.

As we move on with our exploration using various art materials, we always like to do more using color pencils. More techniques and more new discoveries. The easier the projects are, the more interest they draw! For example, as the picture above shows an easy way to use two tones of a single color. It is wonderful to watch children using this technique in various other pictures and achieve interesting results!

To simplify the topic ' shading with color pencils', I have been working with various groups of students and succeeded in helping them create and enjoy coloring their favorite pictures.

Whenever we do a new topic, I make it a point…

Make a tree using twigs and leaves -Think-Pick-Create projects

After explaining briefly about the topic, let the children choose a colored sheet or cardstock paper / pastel sheet, before they decide on what they want to pick from the yard.

One of our think-pick-create activity we chose during August, was to make a tree using twigs, sticks, leaves and other material that we could collect from the yard. Children chose twigs and leaves keeping in mind what they plan to create once they are back into their room. It was remarkable to make a note of the collection each one had in about 5 minutes! 8 out 10 children were sure about what they were going to create.

Here are the finished artworks on display!

By Zoya 7 year old ~

By Gitali, 7 year old ~

By Mehar, 6 year old ~

By Suhaani, 7 year old ~

By Adiva, 5 year old ~

And more... :)
By Maanya ~

By Tarasha, 5 year old ~
It was a wonderful experience, especially when the children expressed their understanding of parts of the tree. Splendid creativity and outstanding ideas!!!

Revolving chair made of cardboard - Think-Pick-Create Project

Another TPC project during August was to make something out of random stuff and left overs from other projects. We had a good amount of cardboard corners, cardboard bits, felt, cardboard rolls, paints and adhesive.

We got these cardboard corners with a huge cardboard box and other packing material which came with our furniture purchase recently.

One of the eight year olds wanted to create a revolving chair + she wanted to ROTATE!!! :)

Thinking of idea struck me and I found the cardboard rolls useful once again. We needed two cardboard tubes rolls with a difference of about 3mm in the diameter. ( cardboard rolls that come with aluminium foil and the toilet rolls can also be used). The thicker one was cut to length and glued to the base. We used the piece of (mobile phone) packing foam for the base. We could also use a cardboard instead.

The smaller one was glued to the base of the chair. Once dry just slide them in together and rotate chair!! Voila!!!
It makes a great ad…