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Fun having a Spooky tree in our classroom!

The Spooky tree was on top priority and we are so happy to have it up finally, just in time for Halloween!

I used about four large sheets of black pastel paper and yellow cut outs for eyes and mouth. A double sided tape or any strong sticky tape can be used to stick it up on the wall. We had done the same with our Nature Tree  and how we created it !

Now we have some cool spooky beings visiting the tree! Some are here to stay and some might fly away!! We reused waste paper to make those snakes, monsters etc., and they turn out really great!

Probably a little tweaking would help make the branches spread out better.
Right now we love it and we find more spooky guys joining the gang :)

While this new tree in the room was keeping us busy, here are some nice artworks by the first and second graders:

Wishing all a Happy Halloween!
Have a blast :)


We'd love to make these lanterns again! The method is almost the same as the ones we made last year. Trying to improvise on the pattern, we cut out petal shapes instead and we really like the outcome!

The petal cutouts are giving them a floral impression!
 Here below is the material required and how we made them:

Fold the pastel sheet chosen for the outer layer horizontally.

Then fold about one inch on the open side.

Draw the petal pattern as shown.

Try to cut out the petals without snipping off the edges. We want the edges intact.

 Now we'll work on the outer layer. We chose the yellow sheet, folded and cut it horizontally. We will need one half of the sheet as shown.

Then punch some flower or star patterns as preferred.

Roll into a cylinder and stick the edges using PVA glue.

 You might want to punch one or two more if necessary. It should look like this once secured.

Notice how the outer layer is pasted on to the inside cylinder.

The over lapping petals, if any, can be cut…


Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali! We made many cards for Diwali this time and here is one our favourite pop-up card. This is easy and fun to make. We enjoyed making these and hope you would like try as well. You may also like to view our Diwali paper lanterns.

We will need two card stock papers or pastel sheets, colourful cut outs, festive themed stickers, cut outs of diyas and flames, cut out for candles and flames and some PVA glue.

We chose red and orange pastel sheets as shown. We cut three blocks on the orange card. Two blocks with an approx. width of one inch and one block at the bottom of one cm approx. Avoid making very deep cuts as the folds tend to protrude out of the card. The first two blocks are for the text ' Happy Diwali'. The last one is for the candles.
 Push the cut blocks inwards before pasting inside the second card. The orange one goes into the red card. Take care not to stick the folded blocks.

It should look like this when the card is open.

We use…