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Decorative cardboard frames

Here is a decorative picture frame made of cardboard.

We need a square or rectangular piece of cardboard, four 1.5 inch strips of corrugated cardboard, a clear cellophane sheet, embellishments, ribbon to hang the picture, scotch tape to stick the cellophane to the cardboard after placing the picture in between and pvc glue to stick the embellishments.
The steps are simple -Place the artwork on the cardboard, cutout the required size of cellophane sheet and place it upon the artwork. Secure the four ends with scotch tape. Paint and stick the corrugated strips using PVA glue / Fevicol in India. Decorate the corrugated frame. Stick the ribbon behind the cardboard.
We reused corrugated cardboard and the cardboard that comes with packaging, for this activity. They can be purchased too.  We love the colourful and metallic acrylic paints and used them to paint the corrugated strips. Added some bling with glitter foam cutouts.

Children also used their photographs instead of an artwork.
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These little gifts are attractive and easy to make. A big favourite at my center these days. Look here for our previous activity on how we made these keychains.

Lovely little gifts aren't they! Have fun making them your way!

Craft foam pencil toppers

These pencil toppers make awesome gifts in my class.

 Easy to make and decorate, these pencil toppers also make a good party craft.

Craft foam was cut into 1 inch strips and then into bits roughly measuring the circumference of the pencil. It is always better to make a sample to make sure that it stays firmly on the pencil edge. Once the bits are ready, start sticking them while they are rolled onto the pencil using a glue gun - adult help required. The shapes required can be cutout or punched. The cutouts were glued using glue gun again and added some embellishments. Children can use acrylic paint, foam bits, glitter glue or sharpies to decorate as they prefer :)

Enjoy making these lovely pencil toppers and explore more ideas using craft foam :)

Stone painting - Fun things to make from stones and pebbles

Stone painting is always a favorite anytime craft for the children. Whether they stumble across stones in the yard or find them on a nature walk, it is a great idea to collect and transform them into something interesting and fun during the holidays!

There are a number of craft ideas like fish, monsters, birds, butterflies, flowers or a collection of a certain theme they enjoy making....and the list can go on :)

The collected or purchased stones are washed clean and dried them before painting.
The children can sketch out the details on the stone using a pencil before painting or plan the sketch on a paper.

We used acrylic paints, googly eyes and PVA glue -fevicol or craft glue to stick the eyes

As seen below we have a cute little 'Nemo' or a clown fish with those prominent strips and lovely eyes. The googly eyes are great and they do enhance such crafts.

A friendly monster using black, red and white acrylic paint + many googly eyes!!!
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