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Art environment and materials for children

One can encourage creativity in a child by providing the right art materials and the work space at home. It will be better to set an art time for younger children which can help them develop the habit for scheduling themselves as they grow. The most important thing to remember is, not to constantly refrain them with 'don't make a mess or don't dirty your clothes' and so on.

Creating the environment:
Children can use their existing comfortable tables and chairs. The table and the wall nearby can be covered with newspaper for extra protection. The best would be to identify a ' free to use' space in the room. Wearing old clothes (so they don't regret soiling their fav clothing) or aprons is ideal. A table top easel can also be purchased, it gives them that extra edge that 'I am the little artist of the house'. Old kitchen trolleys or boxes can be used to store the art materials. Old hankies, bits of cloth -as big as a regular hanky or napkins, can be …