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Abstract tree artworks

It was fascinating to watch the children creating various abstract tree images. We love Kandinsky circles and loved using them on our tree theme. The choice was theirs, whether contrasting or harmonious colours.

I always LOVE the outcome, once the children are on to it, they are sure to come up with many more ideas, variations and thoughts on the same topic!
With their amazing choice of colors and presentation, the displays turned out to be captivating even for the parents as they react in disbelief... :)

Here are a always only a few to show up here! :)

If we are lucky to catch some more on time, maybe we can display more out here!!

Enjoy creating them in your style!

10,000th visitor on our blog!

Today we had the honor to invite the 10.000th visitor on our blog. I have no idea if 10,000 visitors in a year is a lot, normal or significant. All our friends and family have expressed their pleasure and wish that we could reach out to many more children and share with many more interested people.

We've had a majority of visitors from India, USA, UK, Russia, Pakistan, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE and more... as shown on the audience stats!

All the postings are usually sharing experiences during the class and the little things that are precious for all of us. I represent the whole group of students sometimes as I try and recollect the feelings and expressions during most of our group sessions. Working with children has been a very inspiring experience always and  the quest to do more would never cease. The credit goes to all the children over many years for being my greatest  inspirations behind all the postings here on this blog.

Thank you all for visiting. Shar…


Making 'Rangolis' has always been an inspiring and joyful activity with all the children. This year too we all enjoyed making them. Everybody created  them in their preferred styles and designs. Children of age groups 4 and 5 years also took part and they made such lovely ones :).

Now to display some of those amazing works! As always we can only display the ones we manage to capture on time :) , as most children love showing their creations to everyone at home and school! So here we have a few of those out of about twenty to thirty artworks....we may try and add a few later.

Prisha's choice of colors and patterns are very interesting. She was very keen to incorporate swans or peacocks into her designs!

 Niyati's 'Rangoli' is fabulous and everyone loves it!

Tarini likes to make them perfect and neat.

Ishrat loves her colorful rainbow with rain drops and prefers to make this instead, choosing all her favorite colors! Gorgeous isn't it...?! :)

Hope you enjoye…

Cardboard tube puppets

We collect long cardboard tubes found with cling foil or aluminium foil along with most 'Art class collectibles'- reusable trash :)
Here we share some of our recent creations 'Puppets made of long cardboard tubes'! I found it to be an interesting activity for 5 to 7 year olds. Please take a look at these lovely puppets and create some if you like them!

They can be easily lined up to stand without support.

 Use colored paper, paper scraps, paints to dress them up! Let the children create on their own. These puppets were created by children 5 to 7 years.

If cardboard tubes are not available, make some with waste cartridge paper or any card stock. The last tube in the picture above was made of waste paper and it looks and feels almost the same.
Enjoy creating!

Rangoli made on newspaper!

We came up with this interesting idea of creating 'Rangoli' using newspaper. It is easy to make and use.
Supplies required: Newspaper, scissors, poster/ acrylic paints, PVA glue, glossy, metallic and colourful paper cutouts.

Here are some of our 'Rangolis' made today!

Here is how we cut the newspaper:

 The folds help the children to align and create their own patterns.We used poster paints, mostly dark colors to cover the text. Keeping the paint slightly thick also helps to cover the text easily. Pasting cutouts of colored or shiny paper with or without textures, enhances the design and gives it a festive look! Finally the 'Rangoli' design can be placed on the floor and decorated with diyas around it!
We are working on more designs with lots of festive cheer and excitement.
Hope you enjoyed our pattern making!

Happy creating!