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Cardboard Houses

Making houses using cardboard boxes is an all time favorite. This time we started collecting big and small cardboard boxes. Out of the big boxes we could cut out the base for our creations. The smaller boxes were used to make the houses. Once again going by everybody's choice we finally had houses in various shapes and sizes. Some had round windows placed at odd spots on the walls and some had too many windows!

Devyani loves the color orange and here we have the yard painted in orange :)

While talking about our cardboard creations, we also discussed how everybody manages to take care of their work once they install them in their homes. Most of them prefer to keep them displayed in their rooms. Some of them also expressed their concerns regarding space to store their creations. And so we wondered if we could create a foldable doll house out of cardboard, which can be put away after playtime.

We were very excited and thankful to come across this wonderful idea here Easy to make car…

Micrography Artworks

While discussing micrography or how to create an image entirely out of text, with the fifth and sixth graders, the children of primary classes wanted to take part as well. We came up with an easy lesson for them and distributed simple pencil drawings of their choice. Most of them chose a lotus, sun, peace dove or a dolphin. We decided to use words that describe them or any words of their choice. Here are a few to look at:

Ananya uses words that can describe her dolphin the best!

 Antara, 7year old, decides to use her name instead!

 Devyani can spell the word 'sun' :).

Rohan has done a great job for a seven year old!

Zoya is seven too and her text looks really neat!

Enjoy a creative day!

More cardboard box puppets

The new comers during the on going session wanted to try making the Dino puppet we made using narrow cardboard cartons. Here are some of them!

Suhani decided to turn it into a dragon!

Paarth had this unique idea of making it a monster bus :))

Enjoy creating!

Stamping and coloring activity

Recently I came across a set of rubber stamps that were almost forgotten. The birds themed stamps that I have contain a set of recognizable birds. It felt great! So here is a wonderful activity for our kindergarten children, I announce. 'And hey! Why not us?', said the others! And so we had more curious participants who joined us and enjoyed stamping and coloring.

I noticed that it turned out to be a very useful learning activity:

It helps children learn left and right positions on a pagePlacement of images so they aren't upside downIt exercises their dexterity skillsThe amount of pressure to apply so the images don't smudgeThey need to try out before they actually do the final stamps

Happy stamping! It sure is a wonderful activity to include and try out other themes like vehicles or animals.


Colorful paper lanterns make a beautiful craft activity for Diwali. These lanterns are easy to make and are sure to add a festive look to our spaces. Here are a few we've made during our craft session this week.
We need two a4 sized craft / card stock / pastel sheets of different colors.Cut one inch ofF the width on the sheet chosen for the inside. (The inside sheet should be smaller in width by 1 inch.)Draw and cutout a few patterns on the inside sheet. Then roll it and stick it setting it neatly into a cylindrical shape.Fold the sheet for the outer layer in half, length wise or horizontally. After that fold about 1 cm on the edges or draw a line. Then draw vertical lines avoiding the 1 cm on the edge and cut carefully on these lines.Stick the edges on to the cylinder we have created for the inside. Punch holes on either side of the lantern and use a thin ribbon or string to hang it up! The younger children require help in cutting shapes or sticking them. While the 9 and 10 year …