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Recycled paper bags

Paper folders out of paper bags

Paper bags are common household items. My idea of making crafts out of recycled materials is very clearly materials that are easily and readily available for children at home. It is frustrating for a creative child, to not find items when required! This is a paper folder made out of a paper bag that we collect with goods purchased and they usually come with the brand logo or the store details on them.

Easy steps to make the folder:
1.An adult's help may be needed for removing the strings and gently turning the bag inside out. Easing out the stuck edges and then sticking it backwards. So we then have the same bag inside out with both the ends open.
2. Cut out the top / bottom edges if trimming is required.
3. Fold the lower side and stick it inwards like an envelope.
4. The top edge can be trimmed and cut to give it the folder flap look.
5. Decorate with scrap paper cut outs ( good idea to collect some colorful paper scrap), beads, buttons, stickers…

Happy Earth Day 2012

We had a wonderful discussion about Earth Day and the environment, during the third week of April. Children shared useful information they have been learning at school and home. We finally came to the question - Can we make a difference? The answer, "Yes, we can if everyone does a little bit! We start now and that is a promise"!

Here is a collection of artworks created by the children during these two weeks and we have more coming!


Leaping animals & pop up cards

Children explored various ideas related to 'animals that leap', in March 2012
We talked about making frogs, rabbits and so on as shown below. Then came in some colorful birds and the angry birds as well!

Have fun with all the chirping and croaking :)

Summer Art workshop 2012

Announcing Summer art workshop in May 2012! Art with Children provides creative and educational  art lessons for children through out the year. The summer art programs for children are a combination of craft and painting projects, which are interesting and fun! 
Happy creating!