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Christmas - a festival of joy and peace

Christmas is here. Time to rejoice and celebrate. A festival that brings in cheer and lights up the winter season chill. Thoughts of the yummy Christmas pudding, delicious Christmasy cakes, candies and all those goodies fill up my imagination. A sudden whiff of those mouth watering aromas urge me place my orders for them at the well known bakeries and delicatessen in the city!

At school we enacted plays, took part in the school choir and Christmas carnivals, totally awesome memories...days filled with fun and frolic. The best part was also the gifts we collected! All throughout childhood days and later, it is a festival so close to our heart.

Coming back to my children at our art studio and their Christmas artworks. We have been planning to make Christmas decorations and decorate the tree in our community garden, maybe will help in their school activities and at home. After thinking up a lot of ideas and the humongous MESS.... we can up with these nice, crazy, decent, pretty, good, EXCELLENT works of art!! Wishing all of you a Merry Christamas and Happy New Year!


  1. Lovely post! It's wonderful to see Christmas decorations up that are hand-made by children.

  2. Thank you very much. Children had a lot of fun creating them.


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