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Dot painting was one of the favorite topics during our last holiday workshop. The children were asked to list animals they can represent in their painting. After trying out a few basic ideas, we decided to do 'fish and bubbles' for our 90 min group session with my second and third graders. Well, it did extend into another one hour session for some of us!

The children had a great time planning and trying out layouts, tools and paints for this project! My fish cutout worked really well with the layout.

Here is how we made our 'Fish in Dots' painting, as shown below:

We will need a simple fish cutout, blue card stock paper, some brushes and poster/ tempera or acrylic paints.

Here is our lovely fish drawing for download, for those who like it. One can also try drawing a bird or a butterfly instead.

Trace the fish cutout using a pencil ( both facing each other or just one fish) and draw some spirals, wavy lines or circles to fill in the background.

We tried various brushes handles with rounded edges to suit our image. Equal size dots can be painted evenly by reloading the brush handle with paint. We mostly did it after every two dots approx. The paint should be also maintained at a right consistency and not too runny.

It is a good idea to out various dot sizes and finding the right brush, before starting the project. Children have also used cotton buds and pencils as well in our past projects.

Holding the brush upright helps in making neat polka dots.

Happy creating and thanks for visiting us!


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