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Art with Children is built on passion for fun activities that encourages creativity in children. I always had a deep appreciation and love for art activities that led to compiling engaging activities for children.

The process of collecting materials and ideas started with fun activities with my son and his friends and grew along into an art activity center for children today.

Art with Children was basically created to fulfill that wish to celebrate the natural creativity in children and ensure that the projects are fun filled and engaging. Since its inception, I had aspired to make it easy and delightful for the children to spend their time with a group of budding artists, exploring various art techniques and projects together.

We love and cherish all the valuable time spent together at AWC and share our experiences with you and many  friends and families.

Thanks for visiting us here!

Happy creating,
Surekha Rao
Founder & Editor,


  1. I love the concept. My best! Some day I will walk with you and look at the world through your eyes. Namaste!


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