Art Classes

Children of ages 5 to 16 years, learn drawing and painting, using various mediums. Students are taught in groups, taking into account personal interests and needs. Every child is creative in his or her own way. Some of them are talented and some are enthusiastic about learning and exploring ideas. Everybody here enjoy learning and sharing their love for art. Join me as I attempt to parent in a way that encourages creative expression and imagination.

Art and Craft workshops are held during the school holidays and will be announced regularly.


  •  Craft, Story telling, Reading and Nature activities
  •  Art workshops for ladies

Interested parents may post their queries / comments below or contact me ( Note: Surekha Rao's art classes are held in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana. Call 9810314625 for inquiries)

Thank you for your visit.

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