Art projects for children

Holidays are the best time for children to keep themselves occupied with suitable art projects. 
There is always the interest and enthusiasm to use different colors and paint or create artworks at home. So I have picked activities that could help a parent who does not have much knowledge about art or art material for children. 

Normally I introduce various topics and techniques during our regular art sessions and do not expect the child to redo or practice them at home, as we do ample experimentation and recaps during the classes. 

A few ideas that could help a parent keep an art enthusiastic child busy at home:
  • Look for coloring books with clear pictures for various age groups.
  • Find and print coloring sheets on the internet because you may come across interesting ones.
  • Encourage children to draw on their own even if he / she isn't doing it the way you envisioned.
  • Some children respond to suggested topics, so try something like drawing a cake we've seen at the party,  the bird at the zoo, a potted plant from your garden or the child's pet animal.
  • Draw an image using a wax crayon or pencil so that it could be either filled with paint or colored using wax crayons/color pencils.
  • Cut out various shapes out of color paper or magazines and ask the child to create a collage and briefly explain what you have in mind.
  • Using stencils could also be fun. It feels easy to draw or trace out the images. 

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