FREE-HAND DRAWING - why it is good for children

Free hand drawing is one of the activities which a parent can incorporate into their child's daily routine for the development of hand-eye coordination, which is itself crucial for the overall physical development of the child and is the basis for other creative activities like painting, craft making, sculpture, and more. In most cases, children take to drawing naturally and enjoy creating on their own. Always nice to keep papers, sketch books and pencils handy for them, even while travelling!

Some toys are designed to assist hand-eye coordination development, like fitting things together(one can use simple unbreakable cups and bowls too), jigsaw puzzles and so on.
In many instances we do come across students who panic because they are unable to complete their drawing related projects or usually end up doing them with much dissatisfaction.

Practice in free hand drawing does make children confident with their drawing projects and school assignment related artworks as they grow up. They can copy an image in a few minutes and with ease. Practise in copying images, easy to difficult levels, can also help children draw imaginary pictures. Given a freehand to create and regular drawing lessons, help them to improve their speed, perception of size, proportion, shape and clarity in their drawings.

In short, a few reasons how drawing helps growing children:

-improves hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills
-improves observation skills (spacing and proportions)
-helps in holding the pencil comfortably (tripod grip -the way they hold it while writing)
-improves confidence and comfort level.
-helps in keeping a child engaged longer.
-helps in drawing without use of tools

 These images show how a child can combine images created during her earlier art lessons and add imaginary characters and designs to enhance her works! These are fabulous creations and is fascinating to watch children come up with unique ideas for cards, bookmarks and many more topics!

We'll be happy to add more info or suggestions if any. Please feel free to send in your comments.
Happy drawing and doodling!

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