Recycled or green crafts for children : Re - use stuff at home

Almost all the children enjoy craft making and look forward to creating on their own. The urge to cut and paste and create something is so common among them, that children look for materials to create them during their leisure time at home. As many of us, parents, must have noticed, they either look for material at home or get after their family members to help find or buy them! It is always a good idea to collect and reuse certain materials at home. Try collecting common items like colored paper scarps, ribbons, sequins, toilet paper rolls, foil rolls, buttons, beads, bits of colorful cloth etc. and keep them for summer or holiday art sessions at home. If collected in excess try sharing them or invite your child's friends over for a fun craft cum play session. Of course not to forget to add a few yummy snacks and goodies!!

On this blog, I'll try to list some of the crafts we create and re- create (because we love them :)), from time to time. Posting craft lessons is a meticulously planned and designed effort and takes a long time. Some of the crafts are very familiar and still very enjoyable. The materials preferably used are the ones that children can easily find at home and in addition may require common things like scissors, color paper scrap, craft glue/ PVA glue, glue stick, waste paper, waste cardboard.

p.s Try to collect reusable stuff in preparation for your child's birthday celebrations. as they can come handy. Choose the activity suitable and you can easily incorporate one recycled craft activity and watch the children enjoy! Write to us for more tips.

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