10,000th visitor on our blog!

Today we had the honor to invite the 10.000th visitor on our blog. I have no idea if 10,000 visitors in a year is a lot, normal or significant. All our friends and family have expressed their pleasure and wish that we could reach out to many more children and share with many more interested people.

We've had a majority of visitors from India, USA, UK, Russia, Pakistan, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE and more... as shown on the audience stats!

All the postings are usually sharing experiences during the class and the little things that are precious for all of us. I represent the whole group of students sometimes as I try and recollect the feelings and expressions during most of our group sessions. Working with children has been a very inspiring experience always and  the quest to do more would never cease. The credit goes to all the children over many years for being my greatest  inspirations behind all the postings here on this blog.

Thank you all for visiting. Share our activities and love for art and nature, help children make the world a better place, send us your suggestions or queries.... keep visiting :)

Think creative. Think nature.

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