Handmade card for New Year

Happy faces, sunny smiles, butterflies and flowers, good wishes and a little gift! What if a card can bring us all that and more...!! The 10 - 12 year old children enjoyed the activity.

We have decided to share the card that we all loved so much!

 Card stock- one for the main card and a small square one for the sun. Card stock scrap for the stems, flowers, butterflies etc.., ruler, glitter pens etc., glue

 Red velvet paper and butter paper for the cap.

Stock paper for bookmarks

Cutout the circle for the sun leaving the right side of folded yellow card intact. Children could use the punched round bits for eyes. Once the face is ready with cap in place, make a slit on the card just enough for the face to slip through and stick the inside part neatly to make a pouch/ holder for the bookmarks.

Take care while applying the glue to the edges of the inner part of the yellow card.

Start sticking the stems and flowers and other stuff. The stem can easily cover the paper cut that shows.

The smiling sun seems to be happy with the lovely garden!

 This is how it can look when we flip the face. Try making a different layout instead of the garden.

Decorate the bookmarks and slip them in! Don't forget to fill in your name!!!! :)

Write different messages on the bookmarks, to make the special!!

Lovely, isn't it?!

I'm sure everybody will enjoy making it as much as we did!
Thanks for viewing! Best wishes from all of us!

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