Art and Fun this summer!

...and yes, we did play too! As mentioned in our last post, we enjoyed creating a lot of crafts and artworks during our summer program 2013. To think that we managed to do all that in spite of the soaring temperatures, was altogether overwhelming!

Here's looking back into some of the activities that were most enjoyable - We planted seeds, making coasters from reused paper, making paper mache bowls, tribal tikis, magic carpets and slippers, tribal arts from India and other countries, fun with watercolors and acrylics and many more crafts using clay and recycled materials.

There were many children who enjoyed craft making the most as they do not get to make them all by themselves and they loved all the stuff they could make and display. We had the second group of children who explored basic and advanced techniques in shading, still life, landscape, portraits and comic book creations. It was an enjoyable session.

And now it is time for most schools to reopen after the summer break and so we get back to our regular art class schedules from this July on wards.

Sharing a few glimpses of our creations:

Happy creating! We appreciate all the comments we've been receiving. Thank you!


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