How to make a Dino Hand puppet

The 6 to 8 year olds had fun making hand puppets using toothpaste and foil cartons. The shorter ones turned out to be good for the dino, dragon, hippos and the like. While the longer ones were good for alligators or crocodiles, to show off the long snout. The smaller ones were better for the younger children as they found it difficult to handle the long cartons. 

Here's what we find:
  • Easy to make craft with a little help with cutting etc., if the child requires.
  • Good for show and tell or puppet show
  • We'll need empty toothpaste carton, one sheet of white paper, pink paper for the tongue , black marker, a set of googly eyes, paints and glue
  • Use sellotape to secure the fold, to avoid ripping off accidentally
  • Slide fingers into the open slits behind 
  • Go do the crunch crunch

Enjoy and have fun!

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