Make a tree using twigs and leaves -Think-Pick-Create projects

After explaining briefly about the topic, let the children choose a colored sheet or cardstock paper / pastel sheet, before they decide on what they want to pick from the yard.

One of our think-pick-create activity we chose during August, was to make a tree using twigs, sticks, leaves and other material that we could collect from the yard. Children chose twigs and leaves keeping in mind what they plan to create once they are back into their room. It was remarkable to make a note of the collection each one had in about 5 minutes! 8 out 10 children were sure about what they were going to create.

Here are the finished artworks on display!

By Zoya 7 year old ~

By Gitali, 7 year old ~

By Mehar, 6 year old ~

By Suhaani, 7 year old ~

By Adiva, 5 year old ~

And more... :)
By Maanya ~

By Tarasha, 5 year old ~
It was a wonderful experience, especially when the children expressed their understanding of parts of the tree. Splendid creativity and outstanding ideas!!!

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