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Discover, Create and Learn - The fun way to learning

What more can we ask for if we could manage to include research, creativity and fun learning into one art lesson!

To view the seahorse lesson click on the image or here or for facts we collected

Draw an armadillo in four steps
Click on the armadillo image for 'Draw an armadillo in four steps'.

  There are so many ways or styles to make learning intuitive and fun! I can't help but smile as a child would point to a picture of a whale and say 'This is easy' ' I know this, it is a whale', or 'I could tell its a humpback whale by its tail'! And the next question might be' Why do whales blow water into the air now and then'? If it is for inhaling fresh air....? But why does it blow up water? We looked up and found out why the whales squirt water! In a group session a short discussion of this sort can help every child learn about a new or interesting fact.

Our discover, create and learn art lessons are somewhat in this order : Pick a topic - find some interesting facts - have a short discussion - draw easy pictures (age group wise) - prompt to create in their own style - display few sample ideas - come up with more variations. This strategy can help both active and reflective learners.

Such topics make way to intuitive learning. The casual and fun discussions are great ice breakers to prompt children to ask questions. We have been enjoying drawing and painting animals and birds much more since we've started included interesting facts about them and having short discussions before we start with our activities. This method helps to include research, creativity and fun learning into one art lesson! It is a great way to help children take part in these group discussions. I was very glad to discover that one of my students who usually prefers to keep to himself almost throughout the class, turned out to be a great animal lover and actually enjoys sharing interesting information during these sessions.

For anybody interested in sharing or requesting ideas for such lessons may please write to me or post in the comments section.

Enjoy learning and creating a world of beautiful things!


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LAST MINUTE SCHOOL PROJECT : Making a model of the Colosseum using cardboard.

Children often come in with last minute projects to complete. Here is one such example.We printed a few pictures of the Colosseum for guidance.Corrugated cardboard or cardboard box were used for the base and the main building. The cardboard cutout of a carton was easy to roll and secure, so it is better to choose a slightly softer version of cardboard. Paper tape was good to secure the shape and later painted so it doesn't show that much. Being a school project I prefer to use paints the student is more familiar with due to the time constraint so we used poster paints. For the base we covered a rectangular piece of cardboard with a green sheet of crepe paper.

I must say that it turned out impressive for a quick project! The best part was when Manya carried it home with a big smile!

Beautiful and colourful macaw

The first topic chosen as we returned to our groups this July was 'The scarlet macaw'
 Gorgeously colourful and an amazingly large parrot, the 'Scarlet Macaw' turned out to be a fascinating subject to explore! We did a drawing - colouring - painting session, based on the images viewed and facts explored and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Here is the step by step scarlet macaw illustration:

Viewing actual photographs of the macaw helped the children decide the background effects, the shades of colours on the feathers, the profile and the details.

Emphasis on the tough beak, claws and the rainforest backdrop are really amazing!

Some of them decided to write down the facts as well, although it was optional :)

This is a glimpse of one of the sheets I could capture before it gets into their folders!

A great response to an interesting topic last week!
Happy creating!


This past week was full of amazing art and craft activities. Especially because it was the spring break and as always we had a lovely list of topics planned for our holiday session. I was really happy to use up our big collection of cereal and cookie boxes this time. Although we had to find more boxes, as more dino lovers joined the gang! This happens all the time!
So here are the 'Prehistoric Dinosaur dioramas or landscape with dinosaurs. The title couldn't be the same for everyone and so we also had to call them Dinosaur land or Dinosaur Park!
All of them turned out GREAT! The children enjoyed every bit of it and that's for sure.

What was interesting was that the children liked the idea of drawing, colouring and cutting out the dinosaurs, the mountains, volcanoes and choosing their own layouts. They needed help with preparing the cereal box and in making the plants and grass.

We also made a few 'Beautiful forests' out of these boxes. We'll post those shortly…