Make an easy flower vase

We will need an empty container eg: toothpaste, foil cardboard carton/box. The shapes may vary but that does not matter. We used an empty potato chips container which is cylindrical and an empty foil box, both cut into halves. Second item used is a corrugated cardboard sheet -the ones that come with packing or can be purchased. Finally we painted and decorated them to our heart's content :)

Here is how it goes:

 An empty Pringles container cut into half

 Corrugated cardboard sheet cut into strips and neatly stuck to the box, using pva glue.

The protruding edges can be cut if any.

 Can't wait to put the paper flowers in :)

Painted using metallic acrylic paints.

Cut out a cardboard base in a heart shape and painted it as well. Made some paper butterflies and flowers out of left over bottle bottoms!

Added embellishments with some shiny foam cut outs and flowers etc.

The rectangular vase was made using the foil carton/ box.
Finally they all looked great with the glittery stuff and all the add ons!
Have fun making these vases that are easy and can also be used as a pencil holder.

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