Modelling with Air Dry Clay

Clay modelling is an all time favorite project with children. The nature of the material is such that everybody likes to make something on the first impression. It is always a pleasure to view their creative clay gallery, proudly displaying their painted and finished works!

While some children have trouble creating on their own and the stuff may not turn out as expected, will need guidance and help.

To get the most out of the modelling project we tried to keep it easy and just-feel-free-to-create-things-you like. And we always collect some wonderful stuff - some very interesting and even funny :)

We used a lot of home made clay and play doh for our past projects.

And now we are enjoying working with AIR DRY clay! The most interesting material we've been digging our fingers into!

We used the light air-dry clay, which is incredibly light-weight and becomes even lighter when dry. We also used another version of air-dry clay which dries slowly to a rock hard consistency without shrinkage. Both the varieties of clay can be painted when dry. Add some googly eyes if available or other embellishments like beads or colourful sequins.

So enjoy some clay modelling and post your works for us to view :)

Here are more models made by a 9 year old. She made all of them over the weekend at home and shared with us! They look gorgeous to me!!

Enjoy clay modelling at home!

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