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Our 3rd and 4th graders had an interesting discussion about 'Picasso's first Dove of Peace' and enjoyed creating line drawings of the peace dove. It was a repeat activity and we also did a micrography lesson using the dove to represent peace.
Since we were also learning to make garlands this week, we decide to create a 'Peace dove' garland!
Continue reading for step by step instructions to make our 'Peace dove garland'.

We could make six pairs of doves using an A3 size white paper. We first cut the paper into three equal strips horizontally.

The strips have to be folded twice.
The folded strip should look like this below. Notice the open ends and two folds.

 Fold all three strips of paper in the same manner. Since the size of the dove should match the folded paper we drew a dove using the same dimensions. Here is a dove drawing to download.

Note that it fits very well onto the folded paper. Trace the outline and cutout the dove to make your own dove stencil.

Trace the dove and cut the folded strip of paper. Some children needed help to cutout the folded sheet, so a thinner paper could be used instead.

Open the folds to reveal two pairs of doves all joined together! Lovely doves, aren't they :)

Cut out a few stems and leaves out of brown and green paper, if you like an olive branch as well and stick them under the beaks of the doves.

A joyful flock of doves! What can we do with them standing or dancing in a circle? Lets think :)

Join them with glue to make a nice garland.

Here we have them with the branch et al :)

Easy to store when folded :)

 Garland making has been a favorite activity this month and we thoroughly enjoyed making them!

Thanks for viewing!


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LAST MINUTE SCHOOL PROJECT : Making a model of the Colosseum using cardboard.

Children often come in with last minute projects to complete. Here is one such example.We printed a few pictures of the Colosseum for guidance.Corrugated cardboard or cardboard box were used for the base and the main building. The cardboard cutout of a carton was easy to roll and secure, so it is better to choose a slightly softer version of cardboard. Paper tape was good to secure the shape and later painted so it doesn't show that much. Being a school project I prefer to use paints the student is more familiar with due to the time constraint so we used poster paints. For the base we covered a rectangular piece of cardboard with a green sheet of crepe paper.

I must say that it turned out impressive for a quick project! The best part was when Manya carried it home with a big smile!

Beautiful and colourful macaw

The first topic chosen as we returned to our groups this July was 'The scarlet macaw'
 Gorgeously colourful and an amazingly large parrot, the 'Scarlet Macaw' turned out to be a fascinating subject to explore! We did a drawing - colouring - painting session, based on the images viewed and facts explored and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Here is the step by step scarlet macaw illustration:

Viewing actual photographs of the macaw helped the children decide the background effects, the shades of colours on the feathers, the profile and the details.

Emphasis on the tough beak, claws and the rainforest backdrop are really amazing!

Some of them decided to write down the facts as well, although it was optional :)

This is a glimpse of one of the sheets I could capture before it gets into their folders!

A great response to an interesting topic last week!
Happy creating!


This past week was full of amazing art and craft activities. Especially because it was the spring break and as always we had a lovely list of topics planned for our holiday session. I was really happy to use up our big collection of cereal and cookie boxes this time. Although we had to find more boxes, as more dino lovers joined the gang! This happens all the time!
So here are the 'Prehistoric Dinosaur dioramas or landscape with dinosaurs. The title couldn't be the same for everyone and so we also had to call them Dinosaur land or Dinosaur Park!
All of them turned out GREAT! The children enjoyed every bit of it and that's for sure.

What was interesting was that the children liked the idea of drawing, colouring and cutting out the dinosaurs, the mountains, volcanoes and choosing their own layouts. They needed help with preparing the cereal box and in making the plants and grass.

We also made a few 'Beautiful forests' out of these boxes. We'll post those shortly…