We had a week long painting activity for our 5 to 8 year olds, around the time of Holi. The theme was simply 'Colourful'! Which meant anything colourful, vibrant, using as many colours in our artworks!

The activity progressed in the following order : Choose a cutout of any shape - Use it as a stencil to draw the shape - Think of all the lovely patterns that could fit into the chosen shape - Draw the pattern or design - Paint it using fluorescent paints or other poster colors - Let the painting dry and place the cutout on top of the design - Spray the background to finish.

Here are some of our artworks on display:

It was easy and fun to make these artworks! We added cutouts of butterfly, leaf, heart and a hexagon later, as we plunged into the creative spree... as always :)

Enjoy creating and thanks for viewing!

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